Name Age Group Gender City State Zip Marital Status Conditions
Jeanne 41-45 Female Rancho Santa Margarita California 92688 Married Depression. In 1996 PTSD in 2005
James 21-25 Male Birmingham Other.. Couple Bipolar 1 disorder in july of 2006, insomnia, psycotic episodes, self-harm
S.L. 31-35 Female Nevada 89128 Married anxiety, depression and severe mood swings by my GP here in town in 2003
Christina 41-45 Female Flint Michigan 48503 Couple BiPolar II, anxiety, depression, PMD, osteoarthritis, chronic pain in back and feet.
sherry 46-50 Female Loudon New Hampshire 03307 Married Bipolar2003 ARNP outpatient ; previously dx was major depression; Panic disorder 2003 Fibromyalgia 2004
Tom 46-50 Male Clinton Twp Michigan 48035 Divorced Bipolar mixed with rapid cycling
kaitlyn 16-20 Female dunedin Florida 34698 Single anxiety and complications with the PFC (prefrontal cortex) section of my brain.
Adrienne 26-30 Female Woodbridge Virginia 22192 Single Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy causing a seizure disorder, ministrokes (stroke like episodes), migraines, neuropathy, dysautonomia, GI dysmotility, neurogenic bladder, heart, lung, endocrine and other organ issues as well as myopathy and secondary fibromyalgia, also have OCD, social anxiety, situational depression, sensory intergration disorder, mixed connective tissue disease and things related to that. Have gotten most of these diagnosises over the past 10 yrs.
Steven 51-55 Male Seattle Washington 98102 Single Bipolar ll, rapidcycling, mixed states - nov. 1995; Bipolar 1, schizoafffective disorder, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, PAnic Attacks, more... betweeen 1997 and 2002 approx.; also Bipolar NOS approx 2002; chronic pain/fibromyalgia 2003; All in Seattle WA. Also migraines, depression dx\'d 1979, Eugene OR.
KRISTIN 26-30 Female Brisbane Other.. 4053 Single ANOREXIA NERVOSA
Shawn 31-35 Male Not Provided New York 11111 Married Biplar Disorder - November 2004
Lucinda 31-35 Female District of Columbia 20009 Married Bipolar I and General Anxiety Disorder (2004, current psychiatrist)
Cynthia 36-40 Female Decatur Georgia 30033 Couple I\'m not sure what you mean by where I was diagnosed. By various doctors who have treated me, who I\'m not willing to name in a public interview or document. 1988 - Chronic major depression 1991 - Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder 1993 - Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, migraines 2004 - spondyloarthropathy, rheumatoid arthritis I realize that some of those aren\'t neurological, but they contribute to severe, constant pain. I take morphine daily just to achieve a some minimal level of pain reliev.
Joseph 16-20 Male Tulsa Oklahoma 74136 Single Bi Polar Type II Personality Disorder NOS Alchohol and Drug Addiction
Christine 36-40 Female Vancouver Other.. canada Divorced Bipolar disorder (10 yrs, Canada) anorexia (2 yrs, Canada)
Jill 51-55 Female Brooklyn New York 11209 Married Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (diagnosed by therapist around 1990), Bipolar Disorder (diagnosed by therapist around 1997), latent Early-Onset Alzheimers Disease (diagnosed by neurologist in 2003, via MRI showing atrophy of cerebrum and cerebellum).
Joy 31-35 Female Tahuya Washington 98588 Married None
Hua 16-20 Female Beijing Other.. 100036 Single Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I was diagnosed in May 2004 in China but suffered from it for four years.
Sophie 11-15 Female Winnetka Illinois 60093 Couple Last year in April, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and clinical depression at the North Shore Wellness Center.
Richard 46-50 Male Maugansville Maryland 21767 Married major depression, anxiety disorder, schizoaffective disorder. 1997. Portland, Oregon
Debbie 31-35 Female Roselle Park New Jersey 07204 Couple Chronic Pain/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia-April 2000 Obsesive Compulsive Disorder- about 10-12 years ago suspect Dysautonomia Brain Injury-June 15, 2002-suspect post concussion syndrome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-1999 Hypersomnia-2000 medication withdrawal seizure June 15, 2002 significant other of person with cerebral palsy (3 1/2 years) teacher/care taker of children/adults with multiple disabilities (14 years) Where-various NJ locataions
Paula 16-20 Female Cincinati Ohio 45207 Single Anorexia Nervosa in January 2002 at Children\'s Hospital in Omaha, NE Moderate depression and insomnia in November 2004 at Physician\'s Clinic in Omaha, NE
Kelly 41-45 Female Seattle Washington 98198 Single BiPolar 1 with rapid cycling-PSTD-Anxiety-Insomnia-Fibromyalgia. With Psychiatrist and Rumatologist in February 2000
Nicole 26-30 Female Yelm Washington 98597 Married Bipolar 2 Disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

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